The Problem, and Luna's Solution

Guess something your doctor, chiropractor, cosmetic nurse and eyelash technician would all agree on? That the best position to sleep in is on your back. The Luna Pillow gently helps you sleep on your back.

If you are a side or stomach sleeper, sleeping on an ordinary pillow applies an average of 5 entire kilograms of pressure onto your delicate facial skin, every time you lie down. Multiply this by several hours, every day of the week, and it's easy to see how wrinkles form.

The Luna Pillow prevents wrinkles and assists in lymphatic flow.

Millions of people worldwide spend thousands on skincare products, routines and treatments only to expose their skin to wrinkles and damaging bacteria every single night, simply by lying down.

Conventional pillows and pillowcases are a harbour for acne-causing bacteria. Our naturally anti-bacterial pillowcases are great for your skin and hair.

Luna addresses the need for healthier bedding options in the form of orthopedic, purpose made memory foam support, and clinically tested skin-touching fabrics.

Relieves at least 5 kilograms of wrinkle-causing pressure on your delicate facial skin

Orthopedic design and contours cater to all sleeping preferences


Deters dust mites, odours and other unpleasantries


Clinically proven to eliminate 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria


 Assists in thermoregulation and collagen retention


Prevents hair breakage, frizz and knotting

Your Skin, Your Investment

The Luna Pillow will save you significant money in the long run: less anti-wrinkle injections and fillers; less facials and acne treatments; less eyelash infills (as it aids in the retention of eyelash extensions); and less of a need for expensive creams and serums.

While Botox and fillers may help in hiding wrinkles and loss of volume in your face, our philosophy is that taking care of your face now can mean less treatments and maintenance required in the future.

For those who have undergone skin treatments, Luna allows you to sleep with less stress on the areas treated, leading to longer lasting results and encouraging support against loss of volume and treatment effectiveness.

Luna is for all skin, always.

For Every Sleep Preference

Training yourself to sleep on your back is usually a hard task. However, the Luna Pillow makes it easy - it encourages you to sleep on your back with its gentle cradle, cervical neck support ramp, and shoulder supports.

If you're more comfortable sleeping on your side or your stomach, the Luna Pillow has two crescent moon shapes which gently support your forehead and chin preventing wrinkles on your face - an added bonus is that the Luna Pillow protects your eyelashes.

The Luna Pillow supports the flow of your lymphatic system which prevents morning swelling and under-eye bags.

Wake up with less wrinkles, no sleep lines and no morning puffiness!