We're here to show you that your skincare routine doesn't have to unravel as soon as you fall asleep.

La Luna Pillow caters to a universal need, one we share ourselves.

We're just like you - people who wanted a solution to an age old problem that had yet to be deciphered - people who were surprised that such a basic necessity was still bound by outdated and misunderstood concepts.

When sleep and health are involved, waiting for a solution is simply time wasted in discomfort - so we set out to develop a product to solve the issues of the conventional pillow, once and for all.

To live well, sleep deeply and look beautiful while we do so - Luna is for all of us.

Why our products?

Locally Owned

Luna is owned and operated in Sydney, meaning you receive localised service. We love and use our own products every day.

A World First

We are proud to be the world's first orthopaedic beauty pillow with a silver ionised 22 momme grade 6A 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcase.

Highest Standards

Our products and their materials have been tested, and are Oeko-Tex® certified for product safety and made to the highest standards.

The Luna Journey

Founded in Sydney, Australia, Luna Pillow came out of a desperate need for a pillow that ticked all the boxes.

Considering how much technology has changed our lives, the humble pillow has had very little innovation in hundreds of years.

Our founder was a lifelong stomach sleeper, an issue that caused severe neck and back pain. Despite chiropractors and physiotherapists encouraging her to sleep on her back, she would always wake up sleeping on her stomach.

She was becoming aware of wrinkles developing on the side of her face she slept on. This became even more concerning when a cosmetic nurse pointed out the volume difference and asymmetry between the two sides of her face.

This is where the idea for the Luna Pillow came about.

The Luna Pillow has undergone substantial testing and modifications from the original prototype to bring you a comfortable, functional pillow with great beauty benefits.

We think the Luna Pillow is the perfect mix of beauty and brains.

Beauty sleep shouldn't feel like a distant luxury. Try Luna, today.